Introducing, The Iron Cage!

The Iron Cage

Introducing the Iron Cage: an exceptionally versatile and articulating guitar stand, expertly designed for electric guitars. This innovative stand offers a perfect blend of functionality and style, making it an ideal choice for musicians and enthusiasts alike.
You no longer need to place your guitar on a cheap stand or mount that could risk damage because of how easy it is for it to get knocked over. You are finally able to safely display your guitar like the piece of art it is. The Iron Cage is easy to mount and only requires two screws for assembly, then you are ready to go!

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Key Features:

  • Universal Compatibility: The Iron Cage is adept at holding all types of electric guitars, ensuring a perfect fit for your cherished instrument, regardless of its shape or size.
    Lockable Arms: Securely hold your guitar at any angle without creating stress or strain on the neck to prevent warpage.
  • Articulating Design: Boasting a dynamic swivel mechanism, the stand can rotate a full 360 degrees, providing unparalleled access and display options. Additionally, it can swivel up to 180 degrees, allowing for easy adjustments and optimal positioning.
  • Sturdy Wall Mount: Designed to be mounted on any wall with a stud, the Iron Cage promises a secure and stable hold, ensuring the safety of your guitar. Its robust construction not only safeguards your instrument but also adds an elegant touch to your space.
  • Space-Saving and Aesthetic: This stand is not just a functional accessory but also a statement piece. By mounting your guitar on the wall, you save valuable floor space, while also turning your guitar into a striking wall feature.
  • Easy Installation: The Iron Cage comes with a straightforward installation process, making it accessible even for those not skilled in DIY projects.
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Beyond a Mount, A Musical Statement:

Showcase your guitar with unparalleled freedom. 360° rotation, 180° swivel - because your guitar deserves the spotlight.

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Make Every Angle Your Guitar's Best

The Iron Cage Wall Mount lets you display your guitar like never before. Elevate your music journey.

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Transform Your Guitar into Art

Showcase your passion with our Iron Cage Mount. Swivel, rotate, and display your guitar like never before!

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